Molecular biotechnology

Research group of Molecular biotechnology, Prof. Alexander Frey

Our group focuses on the rationale design of novel and improved production organisms and enzymes using state-of-the art molecular biology tools in combination with high throughput screening approaches.

Every day, all over the world, yeast is used to make food and drink. Many societies have been using yeast for such purposes for thousands of years. Yeast’s importance has led to it being well studied scientifically, and in recent years this has led it to being used in the production of not only food, but also pharmaceuticals, vaccines and secondary metabolites.

Using baker’s yeast as working horse, we create new ways to make “tried and tested” products – however in a more efficient way as in the existing production methods. In our approach, we use nature as blueprint to redesign optimized cell factories.

Furthermore, we create hybrid enzymes which can be used for the modification of cellulose and hemicellulose in order to generate high-value chemicals and materials.

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