Industrial chemistry

Our research group concentrates on the catalysis and chemical reaction engineering. Our research especially focuses on
•    catalytic reactions
•    modeling of reactions and reactors
•    preparation, characterization and testing of catalysts
•    catalytic conversion of biomass

We have studied extensively the following reactions: hydrogenation, dehydrogenation, dimerization, etherification, removal of sulphur and oxygen, isomerization, reforming, oxidation and hydroformylation.

We combine our catalyst research with our expertise in reaction engineering especially in the conversion of biomass to value added chemicals and fuel components. We investigate the catalytic biomass conversion e.g. by dehydration, hydrodeoxygenation (HDO) and reforming.

Our core areas in the preparation and testing of catalysts are noble metal catalysts as well as catalysts based on ZrO2 and carbonaceous materials. We can utilize wide variety of different catalyst characterization techniques comprising our special expertise in temperature programmed methods and Operando-spectroscopy.



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