Bioprocess engineering

Main research areas

  • Bioprocess engineering
  • Protein engineering
  • Metabolic engineering

Continuous cultivation and cell-recycle techniques are used in optimizing microbial metabolite production processes together with metabolic engineering techniques. Simulation, modelling and mutation techniques are used in the systematic change of enzyme properties like stability and catalytic specificity. The laboratory specializes in production and analysis of rare sugars, sugar derivatives, carbohydrate modifying enzymes and biofuels.

Research targets

The research is application oriented. Process research concentrates on developing measurement, sampling and control systems for microbial cultivations and studying alternative production hosts for recombinant proteins. Protein engineering aims at developing industrial enzymes with improved temperature and pH stability, changed pH optima and altered substrate specificity. Microbial production process research aims at developing new biotechnical methods for the production of rare sugars like l-ribose, l-arabinose, l-xylose, sugar alcohols like xylitol and mannitol and biofuels like butanol.

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