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Prof. Mauri Kostiainen Group
(Research Group of Biohybrid Materials)

The possibility to direct nanoscale structural order in length scales between 1 and 100 nm is an important prerequisite for the preparation of next-generation functional materials. Periodic nanostructures, for example nanoparticle superlattices, are particularly interesting in this respect because they can exhibit collective properties, which emerge from the geometrical structuring of discrete building blocks rather than their band structure or composition directly. Mauri Kostiainen Biohybrid Materials VirusBiohybrid systems, which seek to integrate synthetic materials and biomolecules into same well-defined and functional nanostructures is a new and rapidly developing area of research.

Biohybrid Materials Group does research at the interface of chemistry, physics and biochemistry. Our group is young (established in 2013) and dynamic. Our research focuses on biohybrid materials, which allow the best features of synthetic and biological material types to be combined – the versatility of synthetic matter and highly controlled assembly properties of biomolecules. We use common nanoparticle, organic and polymer synthesis methods to prepare synthetic building blocks, which are self-assembled mainly in biocompatible aqueous environment with biomacromolecules (DNA, proteins, viruses, cellulose). Our group utilizes high-end characterisation techniques: atomic force microscopy, cryogenic transmission electron microscopy and small angle X-ray scattering to study the systems. For example, we aim to design, synthesize and apply new polymer and nanoparticle materials whose interactions and crystalline packing with biomacromolecules can be controlled with external stimuli. Ultimately, such systems may be utilized in intelligent materials whose function or dynamic response is tuneable and adaptable.

The group is well-connected nationally as well as internationally. We collaborate extensively with international research groups and have memberships in prestigious national networks e.g. the:



HYBER symposium with excellent speakers (Ron Weiss, MIT; Thomas Hermans, Univ. Strasbourg; Ali Miserez, NTU; Andreas Herrmann, Univ. Groningen; and many others).

PhD positions open! Check out the open positions.

Check out the cool video on our center of excellence HYBER!

Happy New Year 2016!

Xmas publication by Joona out in ACS Nano.

Veikko receives the esteemed title of Docent!

Salla and Joona receive Aalto CHEM funded doctoral student positions. Congrats!

New publications out:
1) ACS Nano, Congrats Ville!
2) Scientific Reports, Birthday paper from Veikko.
3) Green Chemistry, First results out form the Lignin project.

Read our latest DNA origami review hot off the press!

Polymer Synthesis course organized by BiHy starts.

Mauri receives the Young Investigator Award from the Finnish Foundation for Technology Promotion

HYBER seminar in Hanasaari with renowned speakers (e.g. Silvia Vignolini, Cambridge;
Matthew Harrington, Bio Max-Plank; Neel Joshi, Harvard; Oren Scherman, Cambridge;
Thomas Scheibel, Bayreuth; Rafal Klajn, Weizmann Institute of Science and many others)

New students onboard: Erika (diploma thesis) and Laura (summer internship).

Big congrats to Veikko who receives the Finnish Academy postdoc funding for 3 years!

Faizan joins BiHy group as a diploma thesis worker.

Summer internship and Diploma Thesis positions open (see open positions).

Salla Välimäki joins the group as a PhD student, welcome!

New Year kick-off
with publications in Chem. Comm. and Biomacromolecules. Good job Veikko and Joona!

New postdoc (Kalle Lintinen) in the group, welcome!
Mauri receives the World Cultural Council Special Recognition 2014.

Jenny and Joona receive a Aalto CHEM funded doctoral student positions. Congrats!

Postdoc position on biomaterials available in our group.

Henna’s article out in Nanoscale!

Mauri gives and invited talk at Supramolecular System Symposium, Changchun, China.

Ville’s article out in Nature Communications !!!

Light fuelled transport - Jenni's article out in JACS (just accepted).

We thank Sigrid Juselius Foundation for supporting our reserach!

Virus encapsulated DNA origami - Joona's article out in Nano Letters (just accepted).

Welcome Ari Ora - a new postdoc in the group.

Sari's Diploma Thesis articles out in Chem. Eur J. and Electrophoresis.

New PhD student (Jenny Kiviaho) on board.

Launch of HYBER (Finnish Academy Centre of Excellence on Molecular Engineering of Biosynthetic Hybrid Materials (2014-2019)).

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