The department of biotechnology and chemical technology provides high level scientific research and education in engineering of biotechnology and chemical technology.

Future scenarios of the research

Based on the scientific and educational scope of the Department of Biotechnology and Chemical Technology the following areas are considered as important drivers for the future research:

  • Non-renewable natural resources will be replaced by renewable ones.
    Technology breakthrough is inevitable in the production of energy, chemicals and materials.
    Competition for limited resources increases
  • Principles of sustainability will be engines of technological development Energy efficiency, recyclability, durability, environmental friendliness, safety and ethics 
  • The human population is increasing and aging
    Need for biocompatible materials, efficient, safe and commercially sustainable  production technologies for (bio)pharmaceuticals

Based on the strategy of Aalto university the Department aims to address and contribute to solving these fundamental global challenges by long-term, high-quality research of high scientific value and impact on society. The strategic goal of the Department is to be among the global leaders in applying chemical technology and biotechnology to  material, chemical and fuel production from renewable resources as well as production technologies related to global welfare and health The Department also advances process technical know-how on nationally important fields and facilitates international cooperation.

Research groups

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