Promising results obtained with a new electrocatalyst that reduces the need for platinum

23. maaliskuu 2017

Researchers succeeded in manufacturing electrocatalysts with one hundredth of the amount of platinum that is usually needed.

Science and art Press releases

Alexander Frey wants to cut health costs with specialised yeast

7. maaliskuu 2017

The Professor of Molecular biotechnology has harnessed a hardy workforce for tasks such as manufacturing cheap medicines and biofuels.

Science and art

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  • installation_lectures
  • biotechnology

New year, new departments

2. tammikuu 2017

From January 1 onwards, there have been three departments at the School of Chemical Engineering.


Laura Elomaa awarded Komppa Award for her excellent doctoral dissertation in the field of chemistry

24. marraskuu 2016

The topic of Laura's dissertation is related to polymer science.


  • dissertation

The latest installation lectures available on video

19. lokakuu 2016

Aalto University's newly tenured professors reveal the secrets of aesthetics, biohybrid materials and wireless world, among other things.

Science and art

Schools of technology will hold the third joint Ceremonial Conferment of Doctoral Degrees

7. lokakuu 2016

The doctors and honorary doctors to be conferred will be accepted as members of the technical science community.


Circular economy, metals and entrepreneurship combined as a postgraduate course for the first time

30. syyskuu 2016

Pitch training and the pitch competition were the highlight for many participants.


  • Metals
  • Circular_Economy
  • sustainability

Baker's yeast to help in fight against blue-green algal toxins

1. heinäkuu 2016

A team of students from Aalto University and the University of Helsinki will take part in the iGEM competition a world-wide, synthetic biology event.

Studies Science and art Cooperation

  • iGEM
  • sustainability

New surface makes oil contamination remove itself

17. kesäkuu 2016

Researchers of Aalto University have developed surfaces where oil transports itself to desired directions.

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Industrial Internet Campus creating a factory of the future

14. kesäkuu 2016

AIIC is expanding its research from discrete automation to cover Industrial Internet applications for the process industry.

Science and art

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  • Martti_Mäntylä
  • AIIC
  • industrial_internet

Aalto University decides on tuition fee amounts

2. kesäkuu 2016

Uniform pricing for the bachelor’s programme and the master’s programmes.


Biochemical engineer Frances Arnold wins 2016 Millennium Technology Prize

24. toukokuu 2016

She receives the prize recognition of her discoveries to create new and better proteins in the laboratory.

Honored Science and art

Stora Enso enters into strategic partnership with Aalto University

19. toukokuu 2016

The company has signed strategic partnership also with Chalmers University of Technology and the Royal Institute of Technology.

Press releases Cooperation

Fibres from textile waste to be turned into new attractive consumer products

18. toukokuu 2016

Trash textiles are a valuable resource that should not be left untapped. Aalto and VTT are participating in an EU project called Trash-2-Cash.

Press releases

  • recycling
  • textiles
  • Trash-2-Cash
  • sustainability

Chemistry happens in the Freshman labs

26. huhtikuu 2016

Course participants analysed, planned and 'danced the samba' - with workplace skills in mind.

Studies Press releases

Professor of Environmental Policy Rauno Sairinen awarded grant by Tapani Järvinen Environmental Technology Fund

6. huhtikuu 2016

Sairinen’s research has supported the development of environmental responsibility of mining in Finland.

Honored Press releases

Researchers developed manufacturing method for microbatteries with organic electrode materials

29. maaliskuu 2016

Lithium terephthalate is a recently found anode material for a lithium-ion battery.

Press releases

A maker of better materials

12. helmikuu 2016

Professor Tanja Kallio develops ecological, safe and affordable materials for batteries and electrocatalysts.

Science and art

  • raw_materials
  • sustainability

Professor Metal

25. tammikuu 2016

Mari Lundström wants to recover and reuse metals. She approaches her task with a steely resolve.

Science and art Cooperation

Bicycle designed by students is powered by solar energy

20. tammikuu 2016

Students on the Advanced Project Design course implemented a solar powered electric bicycle.

Studies Other

  • Advanced_Project_Design
  • sustainability
  • solar_energy

Graphene nanoribbons get metallic

15. joulukuu 2015

Researchers at Aalto University have succeeded in experimentally realizing metallic graphene nanoribbons that are only 5 carbon atoms wide.

Science and art Press releases

Bioeconomy night at Heureka made an attendance record

11. joulukuu 2015

Aalto University was one of the organizers of a one-day-event called "Biotalouden yö".

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  • chemarts
  • puunjalostustekniikka
  • puunjalostus
  • biotalous

Seminar "Halogen Bonding: A New Paradigm in Supramolecular Chemistry" by Prof Pierangelo Metrangolo

25. marraskuu 2015

Centre of Excellence HYBER offers a seminar by visiting Professor Pierangelo Metrangolo, Politecnico di Milano 7.12.2015 13.15-15.00 CHEM: A 304

Science and art

Aalto University awarded The European Paper Recycling Award 2015

15. lokakuu 2015

The Ioncell-F process is based on the use of a so-called ionic liquid to dissolve cellulosic waste material without the addition of toxic chemicals.

Honored Science and art Cooperation

Chemical engineering at Aalto University among the best one hundred

13. lokakuu 2015

The place in the NTU field of Engineering ranking the best in Finland.


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